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Le vogue voyage
  -  VIAJES   -  Burn Baby, Burn: Burning man 2018
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Photography: me
Piece of art by:  #michaelbenistyart
To start my first post in english I decided to use Burning Man. Because this last year I felt I have the Civic Responsibility to tell you this is not an event, this is not a Music festival, this is not easy and this is not another city you visit with a tour guide.
Everyone says all the amazing part and the instagrammy side, but never what we should respect, here a little of everything 🙂 Like I mentioned before, you are probably expecting the instagrammy pictures with the amazing sexy outfit with the unreal artsy landscape. Sorry to disappoint you, but I won’t do that. I wanted, yeah I thought about it, but I decided to live the experience and concentrate on connecting with other people( today most of them very good friends, i miss them).  I decided to be part of the community and give my heart.

Yeah, you are probably like “What do you mean with “ respecting the community”  isn’t this like Coachella?”

Don’t get disappointed, everyone is welcome, we apply Radical Inclusion, but before explaining what is burning man about,  you should find out “why” and this is very personal.

Why burning Man?

By that time I had some burner friends and also friends that have been there before at least once and each had a different idea of what was burning man , actually one of them couldn’t be able to explain anything at all, I was very confused and other gave the impression that he was going to cry. #pleasedont

One of them tried to explain me what is about in a very humble and simple way, but before explaining, he first asked me “What do you like the most?” and I responded “Contemporary art!!!!!!!”

And he said “That’s it!” So you may wanna go( he knows I am very curious and adventurous girl) to Burning man because is like the olympics of contemporary art, no limits.” And my eyes lit up and I decided I wanted to go! ( at least once when I have money). I said “ I am in!, piece of cake” and he laughed like crazy and hugged me #feelingstupid. He explained how hard is to get a ticket and how expensive it is and started to talk about principles, and the survival, and hydrated , Radical participation, vinegar, dust storms, Leaving No Trace,  I was shocked and overwhelmed!

The next sign…

So,  I had a date ( yeah dating app  whatever nothing interesting to tell #sorrynotsorry) and I accepted to see him because he went to burning man several times  and I wanted to know more  I know #whatab**** haha, but was worth it, he explained other weird things I could discover at Burning Man and I became even more curious…

This is it!

I was in one of my travel adventures in Czech Republic and like I always do, I was looking for photography exhibitions or contemporary art. ooh I have to make a post about  that trip was amazing…

Anyways!!I decided to visit the Leica Gallery, bought by ticket without asking what was inside, and found the exhibition “WORLD ON FIRE” the Burning Man Collection by @marekmusilphoto.

And in that moment alone, thinking about many things going on in my life I decided to do everything until getting my ticket. I wanted to visit  Black Rock City, I was willing to follow the principles (most of them already aligned with my way of life), have no showers, eat the dust! hahaha .

This exhibition really blowed my mind, Marek is a professional fashion photographer, even though this were not just “fashion photos”, he portraits really well the spirit of the city: flamboyant and ultra duty haha where you can be yourself and apply Radical Self-expression. I also liked the curation, don’t know if is all the story is true, but he unveils that the origins of burning man are related to a story about a broken heart and by then my heart was slightly broken haha.


What? Where? How? Who? Uh?

Before thinking of going through all this!! Please watch this video.


Burning man is more than an event , is not a Lollapalooza, is not a Coachella, is not a Tomorrowland. BM is an experience in the desert of Nevada in the United States of America ( HELL YEAH!)

The beautiful city where this social experiment takes place is Black Rock City. 

Well …first step, go to the official website:

You will be overwhelmed with information  ha ha ha . Ok just check the principles and then go out and get back later.

Because I am a very good millennial, I went straight to youtube , instagram and then made contacts(Immediacy). And after I got an idea of what was it and what I had to do, I went back to the official website again to find answers to specific questions 🙂 

Once you understand the principles, you commit to them, you want to follow the dynamic and you are willing to do whatever in your hands to get into that city( and get a camp), you should start getting involved on how to survive and how to participate, support the Communal Effort.  Everyone talks and does videos about “How amazing(I looked)” or “How I survived” come on!!!! 

Like we say “Playa will provide “( Don’t know what is Playa, well you will have to figure it out haha) what I meant is that is not impossible to survive if you like adventures and you can apply the principles. Below the videos  that you should check and stop watching the EGOvideos. 



I just played the videos by mistake and gives me goosebumps, I get emotional snif.

Little by little you will find your way, start applying the principles in this search and you will see that magic will happen, you will get home(You will understand this once you get there at BM’s gate).

The Odyssey: Getting the ticket

IMPORTANT : Any of the sales are through Burner Profiles.
Any ticket offered outside this website are fake or maybe are real but totally overpriced because they want to profit out of it. Burning man is a non profit organization and making money with the community is against the principles!

Here all the ways you can try to get the ticket: 

    • The Direct Group sale: In brief is the tickets exclusive for Camps. This means that in order to get into this sale you have access to a camp with people that respects the principles and has clearly how to contribute and interact with the community. (Sorry, but getting into a camp is not that easy, my first burn I went to a thematic camp because I was lucky) My camp is amazing and is a huge and very dedicated organization, is a lovely family: My FUEGO family.  For this sale you will have approximately 32,000 $425 tickets and 15,000 $100 vehicle passes will be available in this sale. Vehicle passes may not be purchased in excess of one vehicle pass per two tickets. This usually doesn’t work if you are a virgin that has no contact at all with the community. 
    • The Low income Ticket program: Basically you apply knowing that you don’t have money to pay the ticket but you have at least the money to get there  and pay other expenses.  You should also show in a motivation letter why you want to be part and how you will collaborate.
      This program offers over 4,500 tickets to approved applicants at $210 each.
    • FOMO sale ( Formerly Pre- Sale): Approximately 4,000 tickets available, at $1,400 each, plus applicable fees and taxes. Yeps, the most expensive one, but most likely to get a ticket after the Direct group sale.
    • In the Main Sale: You have approximately 23,000 tickets at $425 each, and approximately 10,000 vehicle passes available at $100 each, plus applicable fees and taxes. You can buy a maximum of two (2) $425 tickets and one (1) $100 vehicle pass. For this sale you do a super long digital queue to get your ticket(you are in front of the computer praying and anxious). People all over the globe are connected minutes before to get into the sale.  Statistics:  tickets are  over after the first half hour (ha ha ha, sorry for the burner humor). We make a lot of funny jokes about “how to get your tickets”, with a lot of interesting memes
  • Fyre Festival Documentary – Netflix



      • STEP: Secure ticket exchange program: The Secure Ticket Exchange Program (STEP) is an online system that facilitates the safe resale of face-value tickets that have been purchased directly from Burning Man. You can get lucky here and there is also a digital queue. 
      • Kid’s Ticket: YEAH KIDS!! I LOVE THEM haha. Kids and families have been part of Burning Man since 1986 on Baker Beach( where everything started). For more info about the origins of BM, I invite you to read Far and wide and Presidio to understand better the origins. Watch this video, kids explain things better than adults sometimes,  from my point of view. Even if you don’t have children, they will explain it in a simple way and with the truth. 


  • FINALLY!!! The OMG sale: Approximately 3,000 tickets at $550 each, and approximately 1,500 vehicle passes available at $100 each, plus applicable fees and taxes.You can buy a maximum of two (2) tickets and one (1) vehicle pass.
    This is your last chance so be prepared dear.  I have seen people asking for tickets in the road, is very very heart breaking.
  • Extra way: Begging in Fb burning man profile. Beg for camp or for tickets. But they will troll you like crazy and is so funny!!  most of them they will send you back to the ways I listed before.  If you do this, you should share you best assets before begging. Maybe assets like cooking or photopgraphy or show if you play any musical instrument, yoga, etc… You need to do this to be noticed and see if you fit the camp.  Ah! also you need to be invited to this Fb group. 

For more info for 2019 click here . Keep in mind you can not apply to all the sales at the same time. Read carefully and apply the Radical Self-reliance

Maybe you have read other versions about the sales structure in other blogs, this is because they were posted before 2019. But what I mention in this post is info according to the last updates. This 2019 Marian Goodell, Who serves as Burning Man Project’s first Chief Executive Officer; narrates the new project to reinforce the 10 principles of burning man in the community. I know… “The 10 what?” Please do what I said before, read them in the official page. 

These are the 10 basic principles to respect in order to enjoy the real experience of this community, my community #cheesy. Because I feel identified and I want to collaborate with.

Click here to understand the principles and also here to understand why the ticket sales has changed.

So, burning man is only in the USA?

Nops , almost 225 regionals happen all over the world, this is updated every year, but yes! Our family keeps growing! I really want to go to Africa and I was thinking “why not to Afrikaburn” , want to join me? 🙂

Ah! Don’t forget to subscribe to BM newsletter: Jackrabbit Speaks.

Here a little of my adventure. I have a lot of things like videos, photos, etc…but not published. And they never will. What I posted are just little details to portrait my happiness for my loved ones for this first time experience. I will go back, though I have no need to document myself but the beautiful art installations made by creative people at BM. In other words I want to respect my community and I am not planning to have popularity with BM, I just want to explain what is really about,  without fake filters, is my gift to you and my community (Gifting) . I have to be sincere, burning man is not for everyone, not because you are not welcome, you are more than welcome.  But maybe you are not aligned with the ideals of the community. #dontgetoffended, is not a big deal. 

I don’t know if you are used to travel with guides when you visit a new city, but at BM you can not afford one , not because it doesn’t exist, there are many cool people guiding virgins ( my lovely Lauren guided me!). At BM money doesn’t exist! So, keep your money and connect genuinely with others within the community to be guided ( Decommodification). Yeps, at BM you can not  buy  water, nothing! but coffee and ice in center camp. 

Well I hope you can make it, virgin!

Burn baby, burn


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